Jimit Shah
Strategic Pricing Manager
Reigate, UK
I’ve been with Tesco Underwriting since 2012, continuing my career in the insurance industry. I started in TU as a Pricing Analyst for our home product. With some great support from my line managers in developing me I’ve been promoted twice, most recently in to the role of Strategic Pricing Manager.

My work provides exposure to many aspects of the business and I really enjoy this role as I can see how I make a difference to the company and to our customers. We make sure that we’re offering competitive prices to the customers and manage the needs of the business at the same time.

The people here are extremely helpful and very approachable, including our executives and senior leaders. There are numerous opportunities to talk to them. They are always keen to provide open forums for colleagues to ask questions and provide feedback on any area of our business. The internal communications are always transparent in terms of regular business updates, and even breakfast meetings with the executives – as well as those within my own team. I would certainly recommend Tesco Underwriting to anyone who wants to work in a friendly environment with numerous opportunities.