Sara McQueen
Senior Reserving Actuary
Reigate, UK
I joined TU in 2018 as the Senior Reserving Actuary. The size of the company means it was easy to get to know everyone and provided immediate exposure to senior management.

TU offers a supportive working environment and provides many opportunities to develop a wider skill set to help with future career progression, for example, professional exams, workshops to determine your personality type, training on inclusion and diversity and more targeted training such as how to deliver the perfect presentation. The office offers a relaxed atmosphere and everyone is very approachable which promotes cross-team relationships.

This is enhanced by regular social events such as a Summer BBQ and Christmas Party as well as more regular football matches! I am really enjoying working here and am grateful for the support I have received – I would definitely recommend a role with TU to anyone looking to excel in their career whilst still working in a relaxed environment.